DeepCove Labs provides superior check processing solutions for organizations with high-volume remittance environments such as found in the direct mail, charity and financial services industries.

From document imaging, to paper check conversion; from ACH processing to settlement, DeepCove Lab's RAVEN transaction-processing applications are flexible, affordable and easy to install. Organizations can choose the RAVEN modules that best suit their needs.

Whether connecting to your bank in the USA, or accepting settlement from a RAVEN banking partner, you will enjoy easy set up, reduced handling costs, secure data exchange, and robust reporting and recall abilities.

Each of the RAVEN applications seamlessly integrate software, hardware and multiple ACH connectivity options for fast processing, reporting and settlement for:

 >   ARC Check Conversion
 >   Document Imaging and Storage
 >   PPD Debit and Credit Origination
 >   NSF Check Representment
 >   RCK Check Recovery
 >   Multi-currency Check Issuing

For more information about the above RAVEN solutions, visit our RAVEN Products Page or, contact DeepCove Labs for a complete solution to your US remittance processing needs:

Check Scanners / Imaging Equipment
Raven Check Imaging Application
Raven Electronic Check Processing Solutions
ACH Connectivity

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